Since 2005, ANEW has been providing businesses with sustainable solutions that repurpose and distribute their surplus office furniture, fixtures and equipment to local organizations and public service agencies. Our commitment to Surplus Stewardship™ strengthens communities, reduces the amount of waste in our landfills, and helps businesses meet their social and environmental responsibility objectives.


Give us your surplus.
We responsibly steward surplus items into the community and away from landfill.


Receive essential items.
We match surplus items to non-profit organizations locally and around the world.


Benefit your community.
Learn about the social, environmental and economic benefits of Surplus Stewardship™.

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Working together, PIMCO & ANEW created a sustainable surplus stewardship solution

When a company relocates, what happens to all their old furniture, fixtures & equipment? ANEW coordinated the dismantling, staging and pickup of 14 floors of furniture and equipment throughout four PIMCO buildings. ANEW matched over 3,000 surplus furniture items to over 40 recipient organizations diverting over 900,000 pounds from landfill. Learn more about this and other projects >

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ANEW & Kaiser Permanente Oakland partner and steward 670,000 pounds of surplus furniture into the community

This video documents the sustainable decommissioning of Kaiser Permanente's 370,000 square foot hospital building. Through repurposing and recycling, 670,000 pounds of furniture, fixtures and equipment were diverted from landfill and stewarded back into the community. When companies team with ANEW, everyone benefits - the community, the environment, and the company bottom line! Learn more about this and other projects >

We are doing what’s right.

ANEW educates through action by raising awareness about the issues regarding landfill and construction/demoltion waste, the largest component of the waste stream. Our practice of Surplus Stewardship™ redirects items from the landfill back to the community, furthering corporate citizenship, social responsibility and evironmental sustainability. Our Sponsors enable us to continue doing our good work.


“Nearly ten years ago, Knoll and ANEW came together to form Full Circle, which was an industry first. Not only did we establish new industry standards for environmental responsibility, we made a very positive impact on major corporations in North America. We also made an impact on the lives of many of the recipients of the products that would normally go to a landfill; they ended up enhancing people’s lives. It’s been a wonderful partnership, and we look forward to the future.”

— Mike Benigno, Knoll
Mike Benigno


“All of the items [we received from ANEW] are imminently useful and stuff that we could never afford. So thank you ANEW and DaVita Healthcare for your contributions to people that you will never meet but whose lives you have made a true difference in today.”

— Tony McCarty, Executive Director, Kitchen Angles
Tony McCarty


“The help that we’ve received from ANEW has been fantastic. Furniture and office supplies can really make a difference in terms of our programs and giving us the possiblity of using our financial resources in areas that will give us the most impact.”

— Barbara Wiseman, International President, The Earth Organization
Barbara Wiseman


“[ANEW] takes Surplus items and brings them back into the community instead of going to the landfills. The first truck load came to Ohkay Owingeh and 6 trucks later it is still happening and we are so grateful to Rose and all their staff that they have come in and just given their whole heart and soul.”

— Norma Naranjo, Owner, The Feasting Place, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo
Norma Naranjo

12 years

ANEW began on Earth Day 2005

3 million

pounds of surplus diverted from landfills each year


organizations benefited
in 20 countries

What’s New

Rose Tourje received recognition in Sustainable Leadership from the City of Santa Fe and the Mayor’s Sustainability Commission

Rose Tourje received recognition in Sustainable Leadership from the City of Santa Fe and the Mayor’s Sustainability Commission for her conception and implementation of the L.A. to Santa Fe Project.

ANEW hosts the first WELL + good: a down to earth summit™

In September 2017 ANEW hosted the first WELL + good: a down to earth summit™. Guests from thought and practice leaders representing global corporate manufacturing; architecture + design; enginering/transportation and higher education gathered in northern New Mexico to brainstorm today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

ANEW works with San Felipe and Ohkay Owingeh Pueblos

ANEW helps stewards medical equipment – patient beds, carts, IV poles, cribs, shelving and storage- from DaVita Inc. in Albuquerque, NM to a new clinic…

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