Give us your Surplus

We’ll do the right thing and give it an encore.

Strengthen the base of your business community with ANEW. Your office furniture, appliances, supplies and building materials will be matched and stewarded back to your communities, serving local schools, non-profits and public agencies. Doing good reaps benefits for your employees, for supporting community organizations and for the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Prosperity).

More and more companies are becoming aware of climate change and its effects. Leading companies are making environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria their priority by embracing responsible and transparent practices in their business model, translating to corporate brand and culture.

Equally, when ANEW started back in 2005, ESG was not yet evolved however, ANEW lead with CSR (corporate social responsibility), an ESG predecessor. ANEW lead the discussion around the issue of office surplus and its value to the community. ANEW went on to lead a practice regarding verifiable stewardship of these items for positive community impact vs. harmful landfill practices. Today companies of all sizes are learning about the importance of ESG and implementing its ethical practices.

When your surplus office items are assessed and stewarded by ANEW:

  • you increase the positive impact on the community where your project is based, and you prioritize sustainable efforts to fight climate change; these two components avoid unnecessary waste to landfill;
  • your good stewardship is rewarded additionally by receiving a detailed tax receipt for the donation of items to ANEW and a sustainability certificate highlighting the verifiable and transparent landfill diversion metrics, GHG emissions saved as certified by Climate Smart ® through reuse, resale, repurpose, and recycle;
  • And, your company’s brand and culture will attract and retain top personnel for committing to social, environmental sustainable practices.

Greater good gets even better: By engaging ANEW and Surplus Stewardship®, your company will lead authentically with ESG. That’s doing what’s right.

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