Benefits of Surplus Stewardship®

Surplus Stewardship® benefits the environment, companies and communities.

    ANEW helps mitigate methane production by diverting surplus office furniture, fixtures and architectural materials from landfills through Surplus Stewardship®. According to EPA estimates, methane produced by rotting matter in landfills is the second largest factor affecting global climate change. Construction and demolition waste account for aproximately 40% of landfill substance. Through reuse, resale, repurposing, and recycling, this surplus instead is assessed and stewarded back into local communities. ANEW diverts over 3 million pounds of surplus items from landfill each year!
    Through the Surplus Stewardship® practice, companies that enage ANEW achieve annual social, environmental and sustainability goals, which result in lasting positive effects for the company.  They are provided a certificate highlighting comprehensive project metrics - tonnage diverted from landfill, GHG reduction measurements, and a tax receipt. Learn more about our good stewards.
    Our core practice of Surplus Stewardship® takes surplus furniture and equipment that would otherwise likely go to landfill, and stewards it in a step by step process to benefit community organizations - non-profits, charities, food banks, public agencies, schools, police & fire stations, and more. This practice spares the organizations' financial resources to continue and expand their good work in the community. Learn more about our recipients.