What is Surplus Stewardship™?

Until recently, when a company moved out of its commercial space it would most often leave all the old furniture, fixtures and equipment behind. A demo crew would then haul these surplus items to landfill. This was common liquidation practice—which produces devastating results. According to EPA estimates, methane produced by rotting matter in landfills is the second largest factor affecting global climate change. Construction and demolition waste account for 40% of landfill substance. https://www.epa.gov/lmop/basic-information-about-landfill-gas

In 2005 ANEW reinvented common liquidation practice with Surplus Stewardship®. We partner with corporations and companies to match their surplus items to community organizations which in turn reduces landfill.

  • Recipient organizations—non-profits, charities, public agencies, schools, police and fire stations and more—benefit by receiving the surplus which allows them to focus their resources on continuing their good work in the community.
  • Companies that give us their surplus achieve their social and sustainability goals and are provided comprehensive project metrics - tonnage diverted from landfill, complete surplus flow, and a tax receipt.
  • The environment benefits: ANEW diverts over 3 million pounds of surplus items from landfill each year.

Surplus Stewardship® is a sustainable alternative to common liquidation practice that unites social responsibility with environmental sustainability and strengthens communities.