ANEW and Earthships are both “doing what’s right with what’s left®”

Rose Tourje had wandered into the Earthships Visitor’s Center and met Alayne Meade. Alayne became as interested in ANEW as Rose became interested in the Earthships. Rose asked what was needed at Earthships and Alayne quickly told her they needed chairs for students to use in the Academy class. ANEW did what it does best: It repurposed two truckloads of chairs, furniture and office supplies and delivered them for use at Earthships.

PIMCO & ANEW Project: Surplus items to over 40 recipient organizations

When a company relocates, what happens to all their old furniture, fixtures and equipment? Working together, PIMCO and ANEW created a sustainable surplus stewardship solution – one that benefits the community, the environment & both organizations. The PIMCO/ANEW Project is complete, and the results are impressive. Watch the video…

ANEW Stewards Surplus to Rockville Centre Police Department

We’re pleased to announce another of over 1,000 successfully completed projects. This one was coordinated by ANEW board member Margaret DiLorenzo (pictured above) of CBRE/New York and our own Sofia Siegel. Margaret alerted us that one of her clients, a large financial corporation, was closing a location. It was a perfect match – we were […]