4 Staff Members, 11 Years, 20 Countries, 50 States, 1200 Recipient Organizations, Over 15.5 Million Pounds Diverted from Landfill

Solutions to the Landfill Problem Until recently the standard procedure for disposing of construction and demolition waste was simply to send it all to landfill. This practice produces devastating results. According to EPA estimates, methane produced by rotting matter in landfills is the second largest factor affecting global climate change. Construction and demolition waste account […]

ANEW View by Guest Blogger Fred Hernandez

When I heard about ANEW I thought “what a great idea.” When I watched their video I realized the enormous scale of the problem and better understood ANEW’s approach to being a simple and direct part of a real solution. I was incredibly impressed and compelled.

3 Steps to Achieving Zero Waste

In a recent submission by guest blogger Ashley Halligan, she discussed how organizations can achieve zero-waste–that is, literally, diverting 100% of their waste from landfills.

Our Lifeblood

Earlier this year ANEW received its first grant award, an Environmental Education Grant from HSBC-North America. We were awarded the grant because our work helps mitigate climate change by keeping surplus commercial furniture, fixtures & architectural materials out of landfill, and serves communities in need.