ANEW distributes toys and clothes to Niños de Baja, an orphanage in el Porvenir, Mexico

Last year ANEW learned that a global entertainment company was about to clear a warehouse of outdated merchandise. ANEW spoke with the company regarding reuse and was able to steward the surplus merchandise to the

Ninos de Baja orphanage in Mexico. In the words of orphanage director Darryl Lloyd, “ANEW donated a fantastic amount of toys and clothes to Ninos de Baja, an orphanage in el Porvenir, Baja California.

“We were able to give to the kids at our orphanage, our daycare, the local elementary schools, kids from nearby very poor areas, and at the local hospital in Ensenada. We also received office supplies that really helped limit expenses in this area. In fact, we had enough copy paper and envelopes to do a large mailing. General supplies plus furniture we needed helped fill important needs. What an excellent concept they have, and what a help to non-profits like us!”