ANEW View by Guest Blogger Fred Hernandez

When I heard about ANEW I thought “what a great idea.” When I watched their video I realized the enormous scale of the problem and better understood ANEW’s approach to being a simple and direct part of a real solution. I was incredibly impressed and compelled.

The final straw was when I actually met Rose and saw the deep conviction in her eyes and heard the passion in her voice as she explained why she started ANEW, what they were doing and how much more could be done. 

ANEW is making a real difference by diverting good, usable commercial furniture and building materials away from landfills and into the hands of people who truly need it and will use it. It is a tremendous effort and they need your support. I strongly encourage you to get involved, use their services and support ANEW whenever possible. 

– Fred Hernandez, Director of Client Relations, CoreNet Global