Waste Diversion Programs

In addition to our core practice of transforming corporate surplus into community service, we also provide education advisory services to health care […]

Surplus Stewardship®

Our core practice is Surplus Stewardship®. We work with corporations and companies to steward their surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment away from […]

Meet Our Sponsors

ANEW Sponsors Sustaining Sponsors Patron Sponsors Alchemist Sponsors Steward Sponsors      Current evolution is the idea that you’ve got to address […]

Meet Our Recipients

ANEW Network of Charitable Recipients A&D Museum Academy for Recording Arts Alzheimer’s Association American Recovery Center Arts and Learning Conservatorship Asian Pacific […]


Rose Tourje, Morgan Turner, Sofia Siegel, Glenn Sparks, Alicia Clarke Rose Tourje, Arturo Montenez, Rock Macke, Sue-Meng Lau, Anthony Minite ANEW Mission […]

Getting Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with ANEW. Help the environment by diverting corporate furniture, fixtures, and building materials from […]

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Contribute, Become a Sponsor, Promote Sustainability—Make a Difference! Sponsorships and donations enable us to continue doing our good work. Join the ANEW […]