Getting Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with ANEW. Help the environment by diverting corporate furniture, fixtures, and building materials from landfill; we match this surplus to charities, non-profits and public agencies to strengthen communities.

  • Divert: Repurpose your surplus furniture, fixtures, and building materials and receive a tax receipt, among other benefits.
  • Receive: If you are a non-profit organization, disadvantaged community or public agency you qualify as a recipient.
  • Sustain: Your tax-deductible donation, on a one-time or monthly basis, helps us continue our good work.

You can also get involved by

  • Practicing the four elements of Social Sustainability® – Wellness + Community + Commerce + Environment – in your daily life.
  • Improving your understanding and awareness through our Learning Center.
  • Following us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and sharing our posts from those sites as well.
  • Join your local USGBC chapter – ANEW is a proud member.