Full Circle – Knoll & ANEW

  Full Circle is an exclusive resource recovery program developed by ANEW and sustaining sponsor Knoll; the program is comprehensive, covering everything from decommissioning old commercial space to setting up in the new office.


  Check out this informative page and video from Knoll!

 Program Summary

  • Full Circle is designed for customers who are looking to avoid landfill when decommissioning furniture or surplus assets from a space
  • Based on the customer’s goals, ANEW will develop a proposal of landfill diversion options
  • Options include: reselling, recycling, and/or repurposing surplus, as well as converting unusable surplus to clean Energy-from-Waste
  • No other take back program is as comprehensive as the Knoll Full Circle program.

Addressing the issue.

  • Not all surplus furniture has resale value, so much of it ends up in landfill
  • Most furniture recycling programs salvage only metals; wood and plastics are generally sent to landfill
  • Before Full Circle, there were no comprehensive FF&E take back programs to avoid landfill
  • Existing take back programs are specific to select products and require shipping across country, adding cost and carbon emissions