ANEW Welcomes Two Patron Sponsors

It’s our privilege to welcome new Patron Sponsors J+J/Invision and PARALLELTEK. The press release:


ANEW Announces Two Patron Level Sponsors

[Pasadena, CA – May 28, 2013] Asset Network for Education Worldwide, Inc. (ANEW) is pleased to recognize  PARALLELTEK and J+J/Invision as champions in the field of social responsibility and environmental practices.

Each of these companies named members representing senior leadership to work with ANEW and have signed on as Patron Sponsors to join efforts toward bettering industry practices.


PARALLETEK is an integrated smart office technology company headed by President and General Manager Anthony Minite. Minite’s support for ANEW began during his previous post as President and CEO of Bentley Prince Street, California’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer. While there, Minite backed the ANEW Social Sustainability® mission by providing warehouse space and supporting them as a sustaining sponsor. In 2012 he was unanimously elected chairman of the board for the organization.

“As a long time champion for ANEW I’m thrilled to bring PARALLELTEK on as a Patron sponsor,” says Minite. “This organization works tirelessly to ensure useful materials, that might otherwise be discarded and sent to landfill, are redirected to deserving organizations. Social Sustainability is something I believe in and support wholeheartedly and ANEW is putting this into action every day.”

J+J/Invision crafts intelligent and beautiful commercial carpet goods for diverse applications with a steadfast commitment to design, quality, service, integrity and sustainability. As a family-owned, vertically integrated company with many of its processes completed on site, J+J views sustainability as a pursuit, not a destination.

“Invision is proud to support the valuable mission of ANEW. Providing non-profit organizations with useable materials that might otherwise go to the landfill is a win-win all around. We believe sustainability is a continual pursuit and we recognize that any time you can reuse materials, it is the most desirable outcome for offsetting environmental impact,” says Ross Leonard, corporate vice president, marketing, J+J/Invision.

Sponsorships, at any level, are an integral part of what allows ANEW to continue doing what’s right with what’s left®. In partnering with ANEW, organizations find that they are able to raise their corporate social sustainability profile in a meaningful and tangible way. ANEW will create programs tailored for any company, in any industry. Visit for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

Follow @ANEWFound on Twitter and visit ANEWfound on Facebook to join the Social Sustainability movement and please also take a moment to watch and share the award-winning short documentary “ANEW, doing what’s right with what’s left.”  

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ANEW (Asset Network for Education Worldwide, Inc.) is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, organizing and repurposing surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) for donation to the underserved. For more information, visit and

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