ANEW founder Rose Tourje on podcast Scandalabra

Scandalabra, Episode #11: Doing What’s Right With What’s Left with Repurposing Pioneer Rose Tourje

In this episode, Mark chats with commercial designer Rose Tourje about her career prelude developing corporate real estate projects worldwide for Warner Bros. and the life-changing moment that redefined her career. With the launch of ANEW, a non-profit committed to Surplus Stewardship, the U.S. based effort annually diverts over three million pounds of surplus from landfills, reallocating these gently worn items to 3000+ organizations in over 20 countries. For anyone with a desire to make a positive impact on the environment, Rose offers great advice on how to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Hosted by Mark Brunetz, the Emmy award winning co-host of Clean House on the Style Network, Scandalabra is the first podcast to critically examine the world of interior design. Featuring fellow designers and industry leaders, each episode highlights the ways the design industry intersects with consumers through media, products, and experts revealing the often unknown truth behind beautiful spaces.