HUB International Taps ANEW for Decommission Project

We recently completed a project with HUB International in Bothell, WA. The results are impressive; through our program of Surplus Stewardship® :

– 13,826 lbs of surplus furniture were stewarded away from landfill and back into the community, helping local organizations continue their good work.
– 43,200 lbs of surplus furniture recycled.
– 3,720 lbs of surplus furniture not suitable for repurposing or recycling was used as fuel for energy through the Energy From Waste Process
– ANEW helped HUB International Northwest turn 30.37 tons of surplus furniture into valuable community assets. The surplus furniture is stewarded to local organizations, which helps them continue their good work in the community. This simple process strengthens communities.

We applaud HUB International’s commitment to community service. Learn more here:

The Huskies were not part of the decommissioning process.