Boon Economics: AIS Partners With ANEW

From ID DesignWire Daily:

Sometimes a surplus can be a burden. If your office is full of remnants of workplaces past, or if your company is overloaded with excess stock, there are far smarter solutions than just trucking them all to a landfill. Systems furniture manufacturer AIS goes to the head of the class for its solution—

a new partnership with the Asset Network for Education Worldwide (ANEW). Through signing on as a Steward Sponsor, AIS ensures that its clients can recycle and redirect surplus office furniture, fixtures, and architectural materials to public agencies and charities that sorely need it.


“We’re talking about people coming together for a single purpose,” states ANEW founder Rose Tourje, “to unite social responsibility with environmental sustainability.”

“By aligning with ANEW,” concurs AIS vice president of sales Rob Lazarus, “we can ensure that abandoned furniture becomes recycled and used to benefit our communities as opposed to filling up our landfills.”

ANEW’s efforts have resulted in the distribution of 8.9 million pounds of materials to 500 organizations in 13 countries, turning a burden into a boon.