ANEW Wins LA County Green Leadership Award

Asset Network for Education Worldwide (ANEW) was awarded the Green Leadership Award in the nonprofit category today for its outstanding efforts to improve environmental sustainability, which benefits the community and the residents of Los Angeles County.

The award was presented as part of LA County’s observation of Earth Week April 22nd. In the words of LA County CEO William Fujioka: “Your outstanding efforts to improve environmental sustainability benefit your community and the residents of our county.”

We’re honored to be selected and thank the County for their recognition!

The award was presented during the Board of Supervisors meeting as part of the Los Angeles County observance of Earth Week. A reception was held from 8:30 am to 9:30 am at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration prior to the presentation of the award. In attendance to receive the award was the ANEW team including board members Ron Burkhardt and Yong Wong.

“Today our team of dedicated professionals will pause and take stock of the collective effort we call doing at ANEW,” says Rose Tourje, founder and president, ANEW. “When others take stock of our doing, they marvel at the courage, passion and skill required to build our organization over the past nine years. Today, Earth Day, we are humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award representing our commitment to the community of Los Angeles County, and being chosen among estimable earth-conscious citizens all participating to make a difference.”

“This award is a great honor for all of us who support and partner with ANEW,” said Anthony Minite, chairman of the board for ANEW.  “What started here in Los Angeles nine years ago has grown tremendously and we are now serving people all over the world.  It’s wonderful to see how our industry has rallied behind our mission to turn surplus into service.  We are grateful for this recognition and share it with everyone who has helped us make a difference.”

ANEW provides environmental and socially sustainable solutions for surplus materials. Items that can be repurposed are matched to non-profits, public agencies and underserved communities, thus avoiding landfill. Since its inception nine years ago, ANEW has established a national network of approximately 250 service providers and itself as a single-source, first-ever “take-back and report-back” solution. The organization coordinates the entire process from the removal and redirecting of surplus all the way through independent third-party review project metrics for corporate annual reports. To date, ANEW has diverted over 13 million pounds of materials from landfill, instead stewarding it to serve over 700 organizations in 20 countries.

Follow @ANEWFound on Twitter and visit ANEWfound on Facebook to join the Social Sustainability movement and please also take a moment to watch and share the award-winning short documentary “ANEW, doing what’s right with what’s left.” 

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