ANEW Media Launch

We’re pleased to announce that ANEW Media is now an official entity, launching operations with three exciting projects. 

ANEW Media provides clients access to top professional talent and state-of-the-art facilitiles for video, film, radio and audio. Turnkey services include video/film production, concept & creative, writing & scripting, production coordination, audio production & sound design. Video is shot with Canon and Sony Hi-Definition cameras and edited on Avid or FinalCut Pro; audio is via ProTools 10. Several music options are available; original scores are composed and performed by the top professionals in Los Angeles. Pictured above is Ravenswork Studio in Venice, California, where we perform our audio production and sound design work.

Driven by bold ideas, dedicated creativity and technical expertise, ANEW Media offers clients a strategic liaison to produce superb stand-alone video and audio work, or collaborate with in-house marketing and advertising to create impactful integrated media. Video is the most effective medium to promote and enhance company branding and campaigns. 

With over 20 years’ experience in broadcast, media and marketing as producer, writer and sound designer, Glenn Sparks, Director, Media & Communications, manages ANEW Media.