ANEW Featured in UST Global Article by Creative Bytes

Four staff members, 9 years, 20 countries, 50 states, 800 charities, over 13.7 million pounds diverted from landfill—these impressive stats belong to ANEW, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization in LA, USA that’s been busy from 2005

doing what’s right with what’s left©.” ANEW has recently taken charge of UST Global’s relocation surplus, in the US. 

Wondering what all of this really means? ANEW affirms, “We empower companies to offer sustainable solutions that include resale, recycling and repurposing furniture, fixtures and equipment. We direct surplus items to charities, non-profits and public agencies.” Some recipient organizations are Red Cross, Goodwill and Girl Scouts, among others.



ANEW is the brainchild of its intrepid founder/president, Rose Tourje, a former commercial interior designer. While working for prestigious firms like ABCOM, and Warner Bros. her focus was on procurement, sourcing locally and regionally, whenever possible. She quickly realized that there were very few sustainable alternatives available for corporate surplus reusable goods.

“I was walking down my street, one morning,” recounts Rose, “when, to my dismay, I witnessed tons of tables, chairs and even huge desktop computers being hurled from the fourth floor office building. Everything was being flung out,” says Rose, her voice trembling with horror.“ Curious to know what they planned to do with it, I followed the furniture trucks in my car. It went straight to the landfill even though most of that furniture was perfectly re-usable. No one seems to care! There’s no wide scale system in place to take care of this problem,” states Rose, sadly. She felt so strongly about this gaping hole in the system, she decided to leave her lucrative design career and dedicate herself to creating and growing her own non-profit organization, ANEW. It took Rose tremendous courage to fly against the currents of social apathy and dedicate ANEW to extending the life cycle of surplus corporate items. Word spread of her unique work. Today ANEW is sought after to help do the right thing with surplus industry materials.

Ajith Krishnankutty, UST Global Director of Customer experience/Corporate Real Estate, emphasizes, “We chose ANEW for a simple reason, ‘transforming lives’. Our mission is to nurture and sustain growth. We want to embed that philosophy deep within so that it trickles from the top down to every single corporate function, allowing us to be seamlessly organic and environmentally friendly.” Metrics, such as tax receipts for donated items and documents for the full recycling process are provided to all corporate donors and this transparency helps boost its own cause. In addition to helming ANEW, Rose also educates and raises awareness among students, companies and industries about the crippling effects of irresponsible dumping at landfills. She showcases, by her own example, how corporate surplus can be transmuted into community service when we take the time to care.

UST Global’s Dallas office just relocated on August 31. with ANEW’s help. We can be proud that with each relocation, we will be sustaining and energizing our local communities.