Rose Tourje


Rose Tourje began ANEW after a successful career in commercial interior design. Combining extensive experience as a leading manager and strategist with a passion for design excellence, she flourished at such prestigious firms as EPR, Sussman Prejza, ISD, IA and AECOM, and especially for Warner Bros. as VP, Corporate Real Estate, domestic and international. As her leadership role advanced, Rose found her specific niche in procurement, leading teams of specification writers to take practical, cost effective measures by sourcing locally and regionally whenever possible. This caused her to look more closely at industry practices as a whole, noting that the surplus furniture and equipment liquidation process was age old and overlooked. She assumed in the early days of the green movement that others were liquidating responsibly. She discovered that although companies were doing their best in random fashion by reselling and recycling to a small degree, there were no wide scale systems in the works. With more study, the truth revealed that most materials in the construction field were being sent directly to landfill. She decided to leave her design career for starting a non-profit that offers alternatives focused on best practices that support charitable organizations. This approach furthers public services, strengthens communities and helps the environment. In addition to helming ANEW, Rose educates and advises students, companies, and the industries of the built environment about the positive outcomes and lasting benefits when social, economic and environmental responsibility is engaged. Rose leads by doing, starting with the end in mind.