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Repurpose Corporate Furniture, Fixtures and Building Materials—Grow Your Triple Bottom Line, Boost Your CSR, Celebrate Your Corporate Citizenship

Doing good has its benefits, but can it be profitable for business? The fact is, when given an encore and matched to charities in your community, your surplus furniture can reap financial rewards. You receive a tax receipt for the donation and successful match of your items, and you’re provided a summary of the metrics captured on your project or set of projects for your corporate annual report. The metrics alone illustrate the tons of material diverted from landfill, or emissions and carbon footprint reduced because of decisions reached to spare the environment. Not enough to sway you? Your company will attract and retain top personnel because of your commitment to sustainable practices and to serving your community. It pays to work with ANEW and enjoy the many happy returns. The lifecycle of surplus office furniture, fixtures and architectural materials from decommissioned commercial space can be extended. Surplus items that are matched and repurposed to charitable organizations, public agencies and the underserved strengthen these communities. Greater good gets even better: through this simple act, the effects of climate change are reduced. Let ANEW be your single point resource anywhere across the U.S. Start doing what’s right with what’s left.

It’s easy to get started. ANEW Founder Rose Tourje will walk you through the process and get you going. T: 213.943.4400


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“ANEW is our single best resource for fulfilling our sustainability initiatives by pairing landfill deferment with grass roots giving.”

Lisa Spruill, VP, Regional Real Estate Mgr., BNY Mellon