4 Steps Non-profits Can Take to Establish Lasting Business Partnerships

Guest blogger Ashley Halligan of Software Advice recently published this article.

She reached out to professionals from both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses to outline how a nonprofit should begin the search for a lasting cause marketing relationship.  
Individuals from both NPOs and FPBs agree on the following 4 steps: 
1) Determine your actual goals. Are you seeking visibility, funding, co-marketing, or something else?
2) Compile a list of prospective business partners who may be able to help the nonprofit achieve its goals–keeping in mind how the NPO can also benefit the for-profit company.
3) Being your outreach efforts. If someone can open a door for you and make an introduction, take that avenue. Otherwise, carefully select who to reach out to within the company.
4) Once a relationship has begun, like any relationship, it will require ongoing oversight to ensure longevity. Communicate openly and often. Demonstrate a return on investment so the for-profit business can assess the mutual benefits. 
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