We steward corporate surplus furniture away from landfill and back into the community.
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ANEW Image Video

This one-minute video offers a kinetic view of our work: https://vimeo.com/169032698. Major corporations such as Sony Pictures, Bank of America, PIMCO, Office Depot, Kaiser Permanente and many more work with ANEW. Why?


PIMCO ANEW Project Video

When a company relocates, what happens to all their old furniture, fixtures and equipment? Working together, PIMCO and ANEW created a sustainable surplus stewardship solution -


MIT Creates Mobile Multi-Function Robots

These versatile robots, called M-blocks, look like the beginning of an amazing technology. Though they appear simple, with no external parts, the blocks can spin, jump and snap together to create all kinds of shapes, depending on the job at hand. 


Knoll Full Circle Program, A Short Video

Courtesy of our colleagues at Sustaining Sponsor Knoll, a good look at the Full Circle resource recovery program created by Knoll with ANEW.


Kaiser Permanente Construction Waste Diversion Program

In addtion to our core practices, we also provide educational advisory services. This video is one element of the comprehensive online construction waste diversion program we created with Kaiser Permanente. Collaborating with us on the project: Antea Group US, Verdical Group, and Change for Balance. The program lets general contractors and project managers log in their projects, identify & quantify construction waste materials, then measure the waste and divert it from landfill, making this a diversion assurances program. Many thanks to our collaborators for a great job, and thank you Kaiser Permanente!

What Do You See? Architecture for Humanity

"Design like you give a damn!" - Cameron Sinclair, Co-Founder Architecture for Humanity

i.am College Track Launch Event

Great event at the Los Angeles mayor's residence in Hancock Park. Among the attendees were mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor Richard Riordan, Laurene Jobs of College Track, and Enrique Legaspi of i.am Angel Foundation/College Track.

Sustainability Without Borders

Video and editing by Adam Steel, Change For Balance; shot at NeoCon Chicago, June 2012. Sound design and audio production by Glenn Sparks, mixed with Robert Feist at Ravenswork.

i.am College Track Official Trailer

ANEW Official Trailer

The two-minute teaser trailer for the 10 minute short-documentary, ANEW. Execu­tive Producers: Bentley


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