We steward corporate surplus furniture away from landfill and back into the community.
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Office Surplus Items Matched To Non-Profit Organizations—Furthering Greater Good

Fact: Communities across the U.S. each have their unique qualities, historical points of interest, winning schools and neighborhood heroes. Have you ever stopped to think about the public service agencies that anchor them, such as firefighters and police, libraries, parks & recreation departments and the non-profit organizations that provide essential public services? Give yourselves a hand! If you are providing public service in your community and are in need of a spruce-up, ANEW can support your cause by matching much-needed furniture and other items to you, furthering your cause and saving you money, which translates into more of the good work that you do. At ANEW, we are dedicated to strengthening communities and we applaud you, the non-profit organizations and public agencies that make your community the great one that it is. For guidance on becoming a surplus recipient, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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"ANEW is the conduit that allows Teknion to extend the life of our products, and services, by serving the under-served."

Tracy Backus, LEED AP  ID+C, Director, Sustainable Programs, Teknion U.S.

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