We steward corporate surplus furniture away from landfill and back into the community.
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Knoll at NeoCon

Besides offering a look at Knoll's beautiful showroom at NeoCon 2012, this fascinating video features details of why and how Hans & Florence Knoll established their legendary company. Check it out!

Visions & Ripples

Idea; concept: design in thought. Idea fibers coalesce, unfold, take flight. Some seem fragile, fledglings venturing from the nest. Others, good ideas, sound ideas, appear to spring fully formed, fomenting; their ripples reverberate almost indefinitely. When Walter Gropius and colleagues established the Bauhaus, it was


Hello Waveforms

Graft Tower

In the consideration of things prevalent and subjective, perhaps no things are more prevalent, more subjective than architecture and music. They are pervasive influences in our lives, entirely subjective to personal sensibilities. One person's dream sonata can be another's sonic hell. 


Surplus Stewardship

Our core practice is Surplus Stewardship™. We work with corporations and companies to steward their surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment away from landfill and back into communities. This adds up to over 3 million pounds per year diverted from landfill. Hundreds of recipient organziations - local non-profits, charities, public agencies and the underserved - each year benefit by receiving the surplus. Donor companies are provided comprehensive project metrics - tonnage diverted from landfill, complete surplus flow - and a tax receipt. Recipient organizations are able to focus their resources on continuing their good work in the community. 

ANEW & Gunlocke - Partners in Sustainability

We're pleased to announce a partnership in sustainability with new sponsor Gunlocke.


ANEW & Allsteel - Partners in Sustainability

We're pleased to announce a partnership in sustainability with new sponsor Allsteel.


Redefining Home

In this time of great change and paradigm shifts, the concept of Home is also changing. What does Home mean to you? Home Matters® is a national movement designed to ensure that every American lives in a safe, nurturing environment with access to education, healthcare, public spaces and community services.


Our Work is a Systemic Change Model

Climate change is a systemic problem. Systemic problems require systemic solutions. Systemic solutions resolve root problems, changing the fundamental way a system works by changing the structure of its feedback loops.


Game-Changing Platform

Frontline non-profit organizations like ANEW generate prosperity by creating contexts that we share & value as a community.


A Holiday Reminder About "All That Glitters"

Over the holidays this year, whether it’s Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s, or Christmas, I want you to think about something. You know that phrase “all that glitters is not gold”?



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