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Real World

Neocon: Catching a Glimpse Into Design’s Future

Earlier this month, and thanks due entirely to the ANEW family and friends, I was sent on my first ever business trip. It felt like I was swept from normal life, and then dropped into what I can only describe as Design Heaven.


Interior Design for the Eco-Friendly Home

Interior Design for the Eco-Friendly Home
by David Charles


It used to be the case that when decorating and furnishing one’s home or office, being sustainable and eco-friendly meant sacrificing style or affordability, and sometimes both. Environmentally friendly products invariably came with a premium price tag; appearance and comfort were secondary considerations.


ANEW Year Observations

ANEW is sui generis; we’ve redefined the field of alternative surplus liquidation services. As we welcome new team members and launch another great year, some statistics to date:


Happy ANEW Year

To all our friends, family, colleagues, partners, collaborators and sponsors


Sustainability Without Borders: WIJABA, USGBC-LA & ANEW

Landfill to Libraries: Sustainable Social Design

The Sustainability Without Borders community partnership represents a strong collaboration between WIJABA, ANEW and USGBC-LA. These three non-profit organizations joined their efforts and individual missions to maximize resources, achieving what no individual organization could: a project to build 15 libraries in the state Chihuahua, Mexico.


The Foundation of the Green Revolution

The Foundation of the Green Revolution

By Alison Hemphill

For as long as I can remember, the Environmental Revolution has been present in my everyday life. You might not know off-hand what that is or how it became a part of your life, but one life event teaches you.


ANEW View by Guest Blogger Fred Hernandez

When I heard about ANEW I thought “what a great idea.” When I watched their video I realized the enormous scale of the problem and better understood ANEW’s approach to being a simple and direct part of a real solution. I was incredibly impressed and compelled.


Driving Business on the Road to Sustainability

Sander van't Noordende, Group Chief Executive at Accenture, posted this excellent article on LinkedIn today.


South Korea by Design

Walking around the streets of Seoul, one can’t help but notice the signs that validate South Korea as an economically booming country.


Ruben Rojas Appointed Deputy Executive Director by Governor Brown

ANEW friend and colleague Ruben Rojas was recently appointed Deputy Executive Director of the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development by California Governor Jerry Brown.


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